Since 1981 Janet and Jonathan Kramer have trained over 26,000 people in mental skills to enhance every aspect of their lives.  Their approach uses humour, original music, real-life experience, and practical techniques for applications both professional and personal.

Through their company, Dynamind Inc., they have designed and presented courses in mind development, accelerated learning, and neuro-linguistics to individuals, companies, and government departments.

Before starting their training company in 1981, Janet taught in the public school system.  She has a Specialist Certification in Family Life and Sex Education, and Specialist Certification in Art.

Janet's direct and charming manner along with her tremendous sense of humour and timing make her a delightful and powerful presenter.  Janet enjoys organizing complex ideas into manageable, understandable action plans, thrilling audiences with the sense of their own available potential.

Prior to 1981 Jonathan managed a theatre company that traveled around Southern Ontario, performing in schools, hospitals, and prisons.  In addition to his managerial responsibilities, he wrote much of the music and contributed to the original scripts as well as performing in the plays.  Later, he managed a large Toronto restaurant for nearly seven years; here he honed his communication and negotiation skills while managing 70 employees.

Jonathan is the eldest son of a Mennonite Minister, and grew up in Pennsylvania and Ontario.  His Mennonite heritage has given him a keen appreciation for music, family, and community.

Both Janet and Jonathan have their Masters Certification in NLP and have studied with the top people in this field.  In addition, they are highly regarded personal coach/consultants, working with clients to achieve their dreams.

As part of their creative approach, Janet and Jonathan sometimes perform their own songs in many of their trainings and workshops... songs written especially to illustrate important concepts and attitudes.

Their trainings, workshops, and presentations are unique and demonstrate the evolution of their extensive experience and research into mental and spiritual development, personally and professionally.

Whether in Canada, the United States, or Europe, Janet and Jonathan and their trainings have been enthusiastically received.

They have a grownup daughter and son.

In pursuit of Truth, Janet and Jonathan feel called to be “salt and light”…

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