The Revolution GOALS Workshop
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Surprise! What do you WANT, NEED, or LONG FOR?
Join us for an afternoon and get the advanced tools to take you from INTENTION to MANIFESTATION...

• If there's something that you WANT, why don't you have it already?
The answer usually lies between your ears...

• CREATE a magnetic, compelling W.F.O.

• DISCOVER and DECONSTRUCT the hidden limiting beliefs that have sabotaged you, so far, about your GOAL.

• Learn the STAR Program-Imprinting Process, a technique that activates important areas of the brain to increase the power of your Intention and Attraction.

• Focus your INTENTION, create a plan, and start "ATTRACTING" what you want.

• WHAT'S the FORMULA for transcending setbacks? Learn it and use it.

• Enjoy insightful activities, powerful exercises and deep mental programming to move from INTENTION TO MANIFESTATION.

• We welcome back our many smart students who LIKE TO RE-ATTEND the GOALS Workshop. It has been MORE than a year. Catch this opportunity.

If you've been using your alpha skills then this workshop will allow you to increase your benefits even more...
and if you've been "slacking off" ("Cancel-Reprogram!"), then here's your chance to get back on track.

This is an advanced workshop, exclusively for our DynaMIND graduates, and our "old" Silva grads.