Are you a "Graduate"?
We consider you a "Graduate" if you have ever attended our DynaMIND® Course.
And if you took "Silva" with us years ago, then you really need to come and get yourself upgraded!

Enjoy a refresher/tuneup. Find out what's new.
We welcome Graduates to attend again, and come to the DynaMIND® Course for just the current "Review" fee, (or for free if you are accompanying a family member or friend who is a first-time student of DynaMIND).
You will be able to enjoy a refresher/tuneup, and discover new concepts and techniques which have been added, which happens often.

Seize the chance:
Don't procrastinate or take us for granted.
Sooner or later we will retire.
You may attend again, while we still offer the course.
Currently the course is offered ONLY ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR.

As often as you want:
There is no limit to the number of times you can re-attend, other than if we have room.
Reserve your place well ahead by calling us.