Are you a "Graduate"?
We consider you a "Graduate" if you have ever attended our DynaMIND® Course.
And if you took "Silva" with us years ago, then you really need to come and get yourself upgraded!

Enjoy a refresher/tuneup. Find out what's new.
We welcome Graduates to attend again, and come to the DynaMIND® Course for just the current "Review" fee, (or for free if you are accompanying a family member or friend who is a first-time student of DynaMIND).
You will be able to enjoy a refresher/tuneup, and discover new concepts and techniques which have been added, which happens often.

Review availability is subject to space available. Procrastination is not recommended.

As often as you want:
There is no limit to the number of times you can re-attend, other than if we have room.
Reserve your place well ahead by calling us.

Current DynaMIND® Review Fee (up to April 2018 only)
Attend either day or both days.

$110 at the door, cash only, if there is space (unlikely).
$59 if paid in full in advance by calling now, and post-dating your Visa or Mastercard for the discount deadline which is April 11, 2018.
HST is in addition.

You received a manual when you first attended DynaMIND®.
The review fee does not include a new manual.
The manual does change, with additions and tweaks through time.
If you want to order a new copy of the current manual, the cost is 17.70 +hst, and it must be ordered by no later than the discount deadline, several days before the course, so that we can have one printed for you.