You missed this workshop. Watch for 2018.

The 2017 New Year's Revolution Workshop
Saturday afternoon January 28, 2017.

Exclusively for DynaMIND® Graduates

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Make 2017 your best year ever, so far...
with Janet and Jonathan

Map out your year for success:
*Learn the STAR Program-Imprinting Process, a technique that activates important areas of the brain to increase the power of your Intention and Attraction.
*Learn the advanced ESSENCE of Manifestation process. 

* Focus your INTENTION, create a plan, and start ATTRACTING what you want for 2016. There are age-old SECRETS and 21st Century science, to align you with your highest purpose and goals.

* Enjoy insightful activities, powerful exercises and deep mental programming to plan your 2016...

Make this your best year ever, so far...

*We welcome back our many smart students who make this event a regular New Year's custom for themselves, in order to make their coming year a great one.
If you've been using your alpha skills then this workshop will allow you to increase your benefits even more...
and if you've been "slacking off" ("Cancel-Reprogram!"), then here's your chance to get back on track.

EXCLUSIVELY for our DynaMIND Graduates.

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