The Power of OptiMystical Thinking
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an afternoon workshop with
with Janet & Jonathan
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Think of it as"positivity bootcamp" for your brain!

· Learn, explore and practice the SIX KEY STRATEGIES OF OPTIMISTIC THINKING.

· How to do clear-eyed OPTIMISTIC THINKING when you have a failure, frustration, or setback in any area of your life.

·Application Bonus: a simple MEMORY strategy "mnemonic device" to help you remember and practice the SIX STRATEGIES ANYTIME.

· Take our confidential test to learn your Pessimism/Optimism Score.

·Danger! Learn why it is possible to be TOO optimistic.

·How to rescue yourself from self-talk sabotage.

This is not about shallow "positive thinking".

Like a fish who believes the only reality is the water, you may believe that the kind of thinking you habitually do is the Truth of Your Life.
This is NOT about "Positive Thinking". There will be no Pollyanna rosy-eyed warm fuzzies stuff (you know us too well). This is about Realistic Clear-Eyed Strategies of thinking.

Did you know:
· that people who do Optimistic Thinking are more likely to become WEALTHY?
· that those who do Optimistic Thinking are HEALTHIER, LIVE LONGER , and have BETTER RELATIONSHIPS?

The "chicken or the egg....."?
· Isn't the happy, healthy, rich person optimistic because they are happy, healthy and rich?"
· The answer is no. Research shows that the Optimistic Thinking comes BEFORE the good results!

Which do you do?
Optimism is a thinking skill. It is a habit.
What is your HABIT of thinking SO FAR?
Do you DO pessimistic thinking most of the time?
Stuck in neutral?
Or do you DO optimistic thinking?
Pessimism encourages hopelessness and helplessness.
Optimism builds confidence and purposefulness.
Pessimistic Thinking leads to depression and anxiety.
Optimistic Thinking creates a better mood.
Pessimism is associated with poor health.
Optimists are healthier and live longer than Pessimists.
Optimistic Thinking is a learned skill and a habit. The strategies are simple and easy to learn. And probably not what you think...
You can learn it. How useful will it be for you right away?

Here’s a metaphor to illustrate:
Pessimistic Thinking is an ATTRACTOR Thought Form which attracts more crap (useful technical term) into your life.
Optimistic Thinking is an ATTRACTOR Thought Form which attracts more wonderful stuff into your life. Which do you want to be doing?

Our unique approach:
What you will learn with us is our unique approach, based on research in the field of Positive Psychology,
techniques in neuro-linguistics,
and our practical "Alpha" teaching perspective.

Location: TBA

This workshop is exclusively for those who
have already attended DynaMIND with us.

Workshop fee: TBA
The Power of OptiMystical Thinking

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