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SORRY March 12, 2016 SOLD OUT:

Activating the Law of Resonance
with Janet and Jonathan

Advance your DynaMIND skills.
Add New Techniques to your Mental toolkit:

What Resonates with you and is Attracted to you?
Look at your life:
Negative or positive people?
Negative or positive reactions?
Positive opportunities or negative frustrations?
These practical techniques to change your energy will be very very useful for you:

Theta Dialogue Process: Talk to that deep Part of you who tends to run the show! Go deeper and discover a profound level of communication with your Inner Conscious. This has many applications but what we'll do in this workshop will be accessing the creativity and willingness of your deep self, for accelerated achievement.

The Identity Matrix Process: Renovate your self-Image. Leave Limiting Beliefs behind and step into a Resonant New You of Positive Beliefs. This is an advanced and different way to build in Positive Beliefs. It's useful whether you've been feeling "stuck"  and have noticed some self-sabotage with regard to your important goals; and great if you're progressing on your goals but want to ramp up your energy to a new level!

The ACTION Generator: Learn a new technique which is a neurological anchor to align with your Action Self: Use it to trigger and intensify the power of your mental Programming and overcome procrastination.

By the way...whether you are a new DynaMIND graduate, or a graduate who attended DynaMIND a while back (or years ago!!) who's getting back into practice, this is excellent timing for you to keep yourself on track and enjoy a boost to the next level.

OPEN ONLY to persons who have already taken the DynaMIND Course with Janet and Jonathan.
We also welcome
our Silva graduates from "ages" ago! Upgrade your skills!

Call now for details and to reserve: 905-954-0297.

NOTE TO REGULAR ATTENDEES: This is a NEW location. See maps below.

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